The DOME  offers merchandise, like, books andart cardsWe stimulate your mind from the inside and out.




offers personalized apparel and​ aromatherapy treats. ​It's important to make your body ​look and feel good.

Shop. BE. Cause... It'sPersonal


​​Has .Shopping .Become .A .Chore or Bore?

Retail Therapy 4 U  is an ideal solution for clients who lack time, patience, or

transportation for shopping.​ We also offer our clients a personalized approach.



The SPIRIT  offers items, like beautiful apparel and stationery, 

to enhance and free your soul.

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​​What  is Your Next Move NOW?


Personal Shopping for your
​gift-giving or individual needs



Online Shopping  for yourself

or loved ones



​​HIS Work is the creative works offered by GOD through the RT4U co-founder. You can shop for everything from art to clothing to literature. These goods reflect the SPIRIT.

​​​​What is  Retail Therapy?

The dictionary defines retail therapy as
"The action of shopping for clothes, etc., in order to cheer oneself up".

We define "RETAIL  THERAPY  4  UTOPIA" as:

Your approach to tailored TLC. It's a Thoughtful Way to Shop.

RT4U offers Personal Shopping and Online  Shopping.

Shopping with us Gives YOU a Feeling of JOY!




Retail Therapy U 
is STEP 3 on UTOPIA's path to the "fruitful" life. UTOPIA: BiOcentric Cafe is our parent company.

It's Personal!


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