​​Pam'ela HIS Apprentice  is your resource for inspiration and growth.

On her site, you can assess diverse services from celebrant functions to inspirational speaking to prayer intercession to spiritual coaching. ​

Her services are meaningful and her prices are budget-friendly.



Retail Therapy U 
is STEP 3  on UTOPIA's path to the "fruitful" life. UTOPIA: BiOcentric Cafe is our parent company.



​​What  is Your Next Move NOW?


Personal Shopping for your
​gift-giving or individual needs.



Online Shopping  for an independent, retail experience.​​



​​Has .Shopping .Become .a .Chore .or .a.Bore?

Retail Therapy 4 U  is an ideal solution for clients who lack time, patience, or transportation for shopping.​ We also tug at the heart strings of charitable clients.


CUSTOM by ​​Retail Therapy 4 U features spiritual items with custom designs for
REIGNbow ReNEWed and other organizations. You can buy everything from
apparel to
bags to drink-ware to notebooks to pens. ​You shop to support our Christian
​fellowship or to order custom goods for your own organization.

​​​​What is  Retail Therapy?

     Some people would define retail therapy as
      "The action of shopping for clothes, etc., in order to cheer oneself up".

Our Definition:  "RETAILTHERAPY4U.(RT4U) is a life movement.

It is a Meaningful Way for YOU  to Help Brothers & Sisters in Need."

RT4U offers a Personal Shopping Service     

or OnlineStores for life's goodies and treats!     
Shopping with us Gives YOU a Feeling of Rewarded JOY!      



​​Retail Therapy 4 HIS Apprentice  features the creative works of our co-founder,

Pamela Robinson Smith. You can buy everything from apparel to art to books to fragrant treats. The merchandise reflects the creativity and inspiration of the SPIRIT,

which will surely bring you good vibes.


When you shop here for yourself or for loved ones,
you have choices. 
Our Retail Therapists and our online
​stores will
 ​to lift your spirits, so  Everybody Get Up! 

​​@ RT4U ~ ​You Shop, We Give. BPart .of Our Movement




Retail Therapy U  is . . .

. . . A personal shopping service for your gift-giving and individual needs.

. . . An affordable store for goods
to enrich your lifestyle, such as, art,

apparel, beauty, and wellness items.
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